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Membership Information

Member benefits include:

1) Supporting and promoting the Shorthorn Breed in California and neighboring states.
2) Listing in membership directories... online and in print when printed.
3) Joint marketing efforts, including Spotlight on Quality sale.
5) Networking and member support... CSBA members are the whos who in the Shorthorn breed in California and neighboring states.  Our events are well attended and we are a tight network.  Other members are a wealth of knowledge and are more than willing to help you whether you are just starting out or a seasoned breeder. 6) Political action... there is power in numbers.  As an industry we have lots to lose constantly being the target of activists that see us as a threat to animals and the environment.  Our organization is in the right position to lobby on our behalf and also offer the other side of the story to the public.
7) Referral program... pretty soon we will be launching a referral program to refer people interested in the breed to breeders based on location.
8) Scholarship program... CSBA is the funder of the Hale Charlton Scholarship available to young students pursuing education in college.
9) Awards programs...  CSBA sponsors awards throughout the year at local fairs and shows as well as State Fairs and other regional shows.
10) Youth programs...  CSBA is the parent organization of the California Junior Shorthorn Association, a youth program with opportunities in leadership development and more.
11) Active role... CSBA has lots of opportunities to be involved in the industry.

Membership is $40.00.

Send your payment and completed form to CSBA, 2107 N. Silvervale Ct., Visalia, CA 93291